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Jim Buoy Life Jacket Recall

The U.S. Coast Guard has updated a Marine Safety Alert from 2018 about defective personal flotation devices (PFDs) with information identifying the manufacturer and model numbers affected. Jim Buoy Model 601 Adult Type 1 and Model 603 Child Type 1 life jackets have a manufacturing defect where the waist strap is fused to the sides of the PFD, making it impossible for a user to slip the life jacket over their head.

Cal-June Inc. has issued a recall notice for these models of life jackets. According to the recall notice, "Cal-June Inc. recommends that you stop using this product should this condition be encountered and replaced with a suitable alternative life jacket."

If you carry Jim Buoy Type-I PFDs aboard, be sure to read Marine Safety Alert 10-19 and learn all about it. Then check out your life jackets to ensure that they are not affected by this defect and the recall.

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