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Complete your drill conductor class and get up to $95 off the purchase of your next PFD.

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Now is a great time to become a certified drill conductor or to refresh! Upon completion

of your AMSEA drill conductor course, participants are eligible to receive up to $95 off their next purchase of a USCG-approved or non-approved personal floatation device. See below for some examples (you are not limited to these options.)

AMSEA's PFD refund applies to Drill Conductor classes taught through AMSEA beginning on October 1st, 2022.* Drill conductors will also receive their own deck of drill scenario playing cards. Each card has been carefully designed for educational fun by AMSEA staff with The Scow's illustration on the backs. These cards are available in our AMSEA store for $10 for the general public as well.

Marine safety works best with frequent practice, and practice works best when you practice correctly. With a wide variety of marine disasters preparing for fires, man-overboard, flooding, and abandon ship scenarios can seem daunting but it doesn't have to be! Sign up for a Drill Conductor class near you to get the training you need to survive at-sea disasters. AMSEA's Drill Conductor classes give participants hands-on training in firefighting, flooding, signal flares, MAYDAY calls, USCG dewatering pumps, life raft deployment, man-overboard drills, abandon ship scenarios and more.

To build muscle memory, drill conductor certifications should be renewed every five years, double-check when your last DC class was and sign up for a refresher course. Even when you are practicing monthly safety drills, it can be helpful to review the material with a marine safety instructor. Every instructor and student brings new perspectives and stories to the table. Use those stories and ideas to help think critically about your vessel and if you are truly ready to face a marine disaster or not.

AMSEA's hands-on training can be an exciting and valuable way to practice your safety roles with your crew or determine the types of materials that you want to add to your flood repair kit. Survivors of potentially deadly situations often credit their AMSEA training for their ability to avert worse outcomes in bad situations. “It was like we were on automatic...Everybody knew what to do and just did it. Check out AMSEA's class calendar to see our upcoming classes, or sign up for the waitlist to hear about upcoming classes near you. If you would like to request a class somewhere, please email our course coordinator at

*If you are attending an AMSEA Drill Conductor class through Fishing Partnership, you may qualify for their Lifejacket Rebate program.


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