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Get AMSEA Training. Become an AMSEA Trainer.

As many commercial fishermen prepare to return to fishing after a winter off the water, AMSEA's training season ramps up. A quick check our list of class offerings, shows training opportunities on every coast. Our friends at Fishing Partnership Support Services are offering AMSEA Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor classes in ports from Maine to New Jersey. We have Drill Conductor classes scheduled in Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Alaska; and we're adding classes all the time.The reason that AMSEA training is available on every coast in the U.S. is our emphasis on training local instructors. Would you like to offer marine safety training to commercial fishermen and other mariners in your community? There has never been a better time. AMSEA currently has four Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) classes scheduled, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. The MSIT is an intensive "train-the-trainer" class for anyone that wants to teach marine safety skills. It's the only Coast Guard-accepted instructor class with a focus on commercial fishing safety. In addition marine safety and cold-water survival skills, students learn methods of marine safety instruction, cross-cultural communication, risk assessment, and much more. There are partial scholarships for qualifying commercial fishermen and you will be able to teach AMSEA Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor classes after you are approved by the Coast Guard.Here's the list of upcoming MSIT classes:

Click the link to find out the details on each class and see what commercial fishermen that have taken AMSEA marine safety training think of the training they received on our testimonials page. If you want to attend an MSIT class, register online, send an email to Training/Course Coordinator, Ashley Green, or give us a call (907) 747-3287.


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