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How to Maintain Your Immersion Suit

Do you know how to properly care for your immersion suit? Are you accidentally reducing the lifespan of your suit by storing it incorrectly? Watch AMSEA's 4-minute tutorial to find out.

Proper maintenance and storage can lengthen the serviceable life of your immersion suit. Inspecting your immersion suit only takes a few minutes, so inspect yours today. A serviceable immersion suit may increase your odds of surviving an at-sea disaster by a factor of seven.

Immersion suits have to be serviced yearly to be up to date. If you are a deckhand on someone's boat either bring your personal immersion suit or ask to inspect the suit that you will be provided with. Your immersion suit could be the piece of equipment that saves your life, so don't leave the inspection up to anyone else. If you need help servicing minor repairs on your immersion suit, you can check with your local USCG dockside examiner, or send your suit to the manufacturer.


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