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Improve Fishing Vessel Safety Roundtable Scheduled

The National Transportation Safety Board has scheduled a roundtable discussion on fishing vessel safety for October 14, 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EDT. The roundtable will be webcast only. You can register here. Check out the event web page here.

The round table will convene "a panel of government officials, industry leaders, fishing vessel operators, safety experts, and survivors of fishing vessel accidents to discuss what we can do to address commercial fishing safety concerns, implement our recommendations, and improve the safety of fishing operations in the United States."

Panel 1: State of CFV Investigations and Perspective on State of CFV Safety in USA

  • Brian Young, NTSB

  • Capt. Neubauer, USCG

  • Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, NIOSH

  • Sarah Sullivan, NOAA

Panel 2: Industry/Associations, Observations regarding issues of safety issues, training, drug use, crew issues, credentialing, etc.

Everyone involved in commercial fishing has a personal stake in fishing vessel safety. Register, mark your calendar, and attend to learn about current investigations and fishing vessel safety initiatives.


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