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Looking for the Perfect Stocking Stuffer?

Check out AMSEA's new drill scenario playing cards with Tom Crestodina's incredible artwork on the back. Safety and fun should go hand in hand this season. The AMSEA playing cards have more going on than your usual deck. These drill scenario cards were created by AMSEA staff to practice your monthly drills as a team. The cards address fire, flooding, man-over-board, and abandon-ship scenarios with vessel orientations, how-to cards, and a variety of unique safety drills.

These playing cards make conducting your monthly safety drills fresh and fun while keeping the entire crew on their toes.

You can play a standard game of cards with the 52-card deck, or hide cards around the boat to create impromptu drills that mirror a real emergency.

Create your own card game using the safety prompts, and let us know how it goes! Find your $10 deck of cards in Sitka at the AMSEA building 2924 HPR, at Old Harbor Books, and LFS Marine, or online at the AMSEA store.



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