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What are the 5 most common fishery-related injuries and Illnesses? Click the link to find out.

As commercial fishermen know, the first trip of the season is a reminder that our bodies are fragile. We end up with bruises covering our legs and often a goose egg or two on our heads from forgetting about the bulkhead clearance, or the height of the wheelhouse doorframe. Over the years we have compiled a long list of near-misses and preventable accidents.

Commercial fishing is one of the most hazardous occupations in the US, with fatality rates 29 times higher than the national average. Lots of research has gone into looking at the causes of those fatalities and how to prevent deaths in the fisheries, but have you ever stopped to wonder about all of the non-fatal accidents or injuries that occur in the fisheries? Well if you have, this information is for you!

Leann Fay, Ph.D. created a presentation (linked here) to show the most common injuries and illnesses experienced in the fisheries. The presentation also looks at which fisheries have the highest rates of reported injuries, and how fishermen can reduce potential hazards on their vessels.

This presentation includes information reported through the Alaska Fishermen's Fund, USCG, and the Alaska Trauma Registry.


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