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Quarantine Flag

Mandate 17 from the State of Alaska requires that a vessel fly a to fly a “'Lima' flag or similar yellow and black pennant" if a vessel is under self-quarantine or returns to port with a sick crew member aboard. In order to help commercial fishermen obtain Lima flags, Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association has announced on the BBRSDA Facebook page that they will be providing their members with Lima flags ahead of the salmon season at no cost. Other commercial fishermen can obtain Lima flags from brailer bag manufacturer, NOMAR for a cost of $10.00 each. Click the links for additional information. AMSEA had no affiliation with NOMAR and does not endorse their products. We are supplying this information in the interest of helping commercial fishermen obtain flags in a timely manner. We will be happy to update this post with additional suppliers of Lima flags as they become know to us.

Update 4/28/2020: Englund Marine Supply in Astoria contacted us to say that they have a few Lima flags on hand. Give them a call at 503-325-4341. Kodiak Canvas Company is making Lima flags at $15 each and Quebec flags at $10 each. Call Sara at 907-512-2966.

Vessels needing to quarantine in Kodiak can obtain a Lima flag at the Harbormaster's Office. Call 907-486-8080 or hail the Harbormaster on VHF channels 12 or 16.

Skiff Chick Custom Designs in Homer is producing Lima flags. $20 including shipping within Alaska.

LFS Marine Supply has Lima flags on order and will be shipping them to their stores around Alaska as they become available. Check with your local store, as store managers have also been sourcing flags directly.


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